Thursday, May 10, 2012


Magazine subscriptions in the US are insanely cheap. Once I realized this, I subscribed to half a dozen magazines within hours. Of course, US magazines are cheaper here than getting them in Australia, but its better than that. There are discount websites that sell subscriptions very, very cheaply. You wonder how they make any money.

Just search somewhere like and it's incredible how cheap they are.

National Geographic Kids is $15 for ten issues. You'd have a hard time finding two issues for $15 in Australia.
The New Yorker: $40 for 47 issues -- less than $1 an issue!
Mother Jones: $5 for 6 issues.
Rolling Stone: $20 for 26 issues.

There are a few catches. There are introductory offers, so they may not continue after the first year. But when it's so cheap you can try lots of magazines out for a year and then only renew the best ones. Which bring up the other thing to watch out for. Some of these subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. I've avoided getting those, even if they are a bit cheaper to make sure I don't end up paying for a magazine I don't really want to keep getting.

Unfortunately, these crazy prices are no good if you want something that doesn't come from the US. You can't find the UK mag New Scientist, for example, on any of these sites.

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